Enable Adaptive Power Saving mode on Galaxy S10E Device

Long before Google announced the Android Pie version, the company was talking up AI in the latest version of its mobile operating system. Two of the most interesting “AI features” are Adaptive Power Saving and Adaptive Brightness. This feature is normally turned on by default in Android 9 Pie, but Samsung disabled it in its latest Galaxy S10E device.

Enabling Adaptive Battery on your Samsung Galaxy S10E and other Galaxy devices updated to One UI will definitely help extend the battery life, especially standby time. Well, you should always make sure that apps are managed well on your handset.

Some apps may continue running in the background even if you’re not actively using them. Some may outright misbehave and cause unnecessary activities that may drain your battery. This clearly leads to poor coding, glitch, or software incompatibility. We highly suggest that you watch apps and enable the Adaptive Power Saving mode on your Galaxy S10E device.

The truth is that smartphone batteries don’t last forever, and some devices have an almost embarrassing screen-on time. This isn’t necessary your case, but you should better be ready for anything. With Adaptive Battery enabled, the feature uses machine learning to limits the battery usage of applications that you don’t use much.

Your Galaxy phone basically learns how you use apps over time, and shifts priority to only apps that you use the most. At the same time, it shuts down background process of apps that you are not using to preserve battery. How not to want that?

Enable Adaptive Power Saving mode on Galaxy S10E:

  1. At first, swipe down with 2 fingers for Full Quick Notification Panel;
  2. then, you must press and hold Power Mode;
  3. You may now turn on the Adaptive power saving mode that I have told you about from the very start.

Up to this point, your Galaxy S10E phone starts learning your apps usage. Eventually, your battery life will start to improve, especially standby time. It is by shutting down the battery usage of unused apps.


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