Enter Video Enhancer on your S10 Plus Smartphone

The one thing about Samsung is that the Korean manufacturer that we all love can’t go wrong with smartphone displays. With Samsung making major changes in smartphone screens as early as 2008, it was only natural that they would go above and beyond with their 2019 Galaxy S10 Plus flagship. Even so, some of us always want a bit more. Let’s think of something from the very start.

Like it or not, the truth is that most video content that you will be consuming on your flashy new S10 Plus smartphone will be of the non-HDR variety. Isn’t this correct? And it doesn’t always look good or matches your expectations. After all, you own a device such as S10 Plus and compromises are out of the question. Or at least thi is how things should be.

That’s why the Korean manufacturer has included a feature that’s aimed at augmenting regular videos. I am talking about the Video Enhancer mode and there’s no surprise in that.

As you can already guess from its name, it gives a rich and vivid look to the videos that you watch on your device. And be sure of the fact that you don’t have to switch it on every time you open Netflix or YouTube. It kicks in automatically once it detects a video playing, so rest assured.

Learn How to Enter Video enhancer on your S10 Plus Smartphone:

  1. First of all, from the Home screen, you have to swipe up or down to access the Apps screen;
  2. Then, you need to touch Settings;
  3. Touch Search, and then search for Video enhancer;
  4. You will now see a list of all the available apps which are compatible with the Video enhancer feature. Once you locate it, simply enable the switch.

You may now say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Video Enhancer, which can improve the video quality even more. So, try it out and let us know how it works.

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