US Sony Xperia Z Release Date Rumored

Sony recently announced that their waterproof smartphone Xperia Z is about to be released in the US. The Xperia Z is said to be one of the best products from Sony so far, with it’s tempered glass back and 1080p display. Besides this features, the new smartphone had to bring something new on the market, in order to take the lead among so many models and producers. The Xperia Z has a glass panel covering its entire back and also on each side section. It isn’t very pleasant to hold, due to it’s dimensions and it’s angular design. However, the Xperia Z is very thin and also waterproof, fact considered an extravagancy by other producers. Its power button is easily accessible, being realised from aluminium.

The screen resolution isn’t so great. Looking at the Xperia Z  from any indirect direction will lose color and contrast fidelity. Actually, the phone is said to be more attractive with it’s display turned off, rather than on. Its battery lasts for a whole day, while using the internet, listening to music or gaming, thanks to its special feature, the Stamina mode. This means that the applications are disabled when the screen is turned off. The result is a quadrupled standby time. You can even choose which apps will be affected by the Stamina mode and which will remain on. The Xperia Z maintains a clear 3G connection and improved voice quality.

US Sony Xperia Z

US Sony Xperia Z

The Xperia Z, which is about to be released in US this summer, comes with a Micro USB cable, a charger, and a high sound quality headset. The Jelly Bean powered smartphone is Sony’s best so far, but in the same time, it is an avarage smartphone, due to its low camera performance, mediocre ergonomics and limited viewing angles. Water resistance is a rare and valuable quality for a phone of this size and the battery Stamina mode is really useful, but still, the phone can’t be considered better than the competition.

The Sony Xperia Z is about to be launched in the US during the following weeks, but the exact release date hasn’t been announced yet.