Media Markt Reveals Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 Pricing

Media Markt, the world’s second largest electronics retailer after Best Buy has just revealed Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 pricing in Russia. Are you curious to find out how much you have to prepare in case of planning to become the owner of Samsung’s fourth-generation phablet? It seems that the device that we are talking about in this case will be priced similar to its predecessors at launch, so it won’t be at all affordable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: $940 before Carrier Subsidies

To be more precise, the handset is claimed to be about 34 490 rubles, which translates to no less than $940 before carrier subsidies. Don’t worry; we all know that prices in Moscow are generally 20-30% higher, so you can only expect to see this Galaxy Note 4 to be released for $750, just as we are used too from other Galaxy Note and Galaxy S models.

As for those of you who won’t afford that, we have another suggestion, but our guess is that you might be a little disappointed by what we are going to tell you. To be more precise, the typical $199 price on a two-year contract will change into $299 on major carriers in this case, but that’s fair enough if we take in consideration what this Galaxy Note 4 has to offer.

Galaxy Note 4 – Processor, Display, Camera and More

As a reminder, the European version of the Note 4 will be equipped with Samsung’s new Exynos 5433 chip, while the North American, Korean, Chinese and Japanese markets will receive the very same phablet, but with a Snapdragon 805 processor. Moreover, don’t forget that the Note series is usually where we receive a bump up in RAM from the Korean company and with the Note 3 packing 3GB, some have even speculated that we could well see the Galaxy Note 4 coming with no less than 4GB under the hood (however, we are still waiting for an official confirmation).

Here we also have a 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display, but it seems that despite of the fact that Samsung’s choices have always been in favor of these Super AMOLED models, there are also some rumors that it might ditch the technology for the Galaxy Note 4 and use PLS LCD instead. We cannot be sure that we are going to see the change in this phablet, but at least we know that Samsung is taking in consideration the possibility of using the technology in future as it could apparently cut costs by 20%.

When it comes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 16MP camera, we also have optical image stabilization and a dual-LED flash and will be coupled with a 3.6MP front facing camera.

So, if you want even more details, here we have full specs of the device, including its battery, Gear VR Headset and UV Sensor, the included Iris Scanner and the new Version of TouchWiz, not to mention that we’ll return after its official presentation. Just stay tuned for more!