BBM Messenger Updated with Message Retraction, Timed Messages and More

BlackBerry’s instant messaging service called BBM seems to be receiving an update across all OS platform including Android, in the next few days. The update has been spotted through BlackBerry Beta Zone and now, it is ready to for everyone.

The most important feature that the new update is bringing is the Timed Messages which allows users to send a secret message to a contact for a pre-set duration of time. By setting a timer, you can easily control how long messages and pictures you share with contacts can be views within BBM. The message will be hidden until the recipient touches and holds the chat. Then, once the timer has expired, the message is no longer visible.

The user will receive a notification if BBM detects that the recipient has taken a screenshot of the image or message. As you can see, this feature is pretty similar to SnapChat’s methods of handling messages.

Along with this important addition, the new update also brings the possibility to retract any accidentally sent messages. This will remove the respective instant message from your BBM chat.

New BBM features also include a quicker sticker picker. Adding various stickers to your BBM chats is now even quicker with a new picker. When updating their BBM Messenger, users will also be able to transfer HD pictures. It is easier than ever to get a high-quality version of the pictures you receive in BBM.

BBM feeds give you the possibility to discover new music. You will see what music your contacts are listening within the BBM feeds.

It is important to mention the fact that Timed Messages and Message Retractions are in fact premium features that will be available free and without restrictions to BBM users over the next three months. During this time, users will be able to access these features in a free manner. Afterwards, they will become a part of a wider variety of features offered as a part of a BBM subscription.

The update will be soon available within Google’s Play Store, the App Store and any other OS platform. It may take up to 24 hours to propagate through the servers, depending on each region and country.