Revoke Root Method Available for Google Nexus 6

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Have you rooted your Google Nexus 6 recently? If so then you are now able to tweak your Android device by your own taste. You can install custom apps, you can add custom kernels, you can remove bloatware and you can flash custom ROMs (like CM 12 AOKP or ParanoidAndroid).

But, in some situations you might be prompted to revoke root access in order to restore your Nexus 6 back to stock. For example, if you manage to brick your device while tweaking it, you must first consider in reinstalling stock Android Lollipop OS. Well, now you will be able to easily do so, thanks to a new toolkit provided by those of xda-developers.

With this new program you have a one-click-unroot solution available for your Google Nexus 6. Basically, if you choose to use the WugFresh’s Toolkit, you can downgrade your Nexus device to default Android Lollipop OS without using other complex apps or procedures. As you know, when reflashing official ROM all factory and default restrictions will be reinstalled on your Android device. So, bottom line, root access will also be lost.

Using this one-click-flash tool is easy as all you have to do is to download the program (you can get it from this page), install it on a computer or notebook and flash stock Android Lollipop automatically through the same software. Of course, on your way you will have to connect your Nexus 6 with your computer – also before doing so enable USB debugging option on your phone.

Don’t forget to backup your data first as by downgrading and revoking root access, everything that’s saved on your phone will be erased.

Well, that’s all; a new toolkit has been made available for your Google Nexus 6 and you can use this software for easily unrooting your phone. If you need a dedicated tutorial on how to complete this operation, don’t hesitate and contact us.

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