WhatsApp Messenger for Desktop Released: Try it out

How many of you have thought about how great it would be to have WhatsApp on your desktops?

Well, there existed rumors about WhatsApp developing a web client and this rumor just came true. WhatsApp wrote on their official blog they have released the WhatsApp web client. So now, you are able to use the app with your web browser.

The web client is an expansion of the Android phone’s app and acts as a mirror and not as a messaging service itself. This means you still have to be active on your Android smartphone and tablet and keep it on, otherwise you won’t be able to receive any messages in the web client. Thus, all of your messages will be available on your phone, too.

WhatsApp web client works as an extension of Chrome and to connect the web browser with your WhatsApp, you’ll have to scan a QR code and then you are ready to use the client. Make sure your Android device is connected to the Internet and to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone.

However, the WhatsApp client is only available for Android users and doesn’t support iOS.

With millions of users, WhatsApp definetely hit the spot with this release. And I’m curious to see where it will go next and what other features WhatsApp will surprise us with.

Since Facebook took over WhatsApp, they already thought on how to expand the user’s experience and how to provide more and more options which improves the communication. Facebook even introduced new features like Share Location or group chats, thus the app can only get better from now on.

What do you think the next feature in WhatsApp will be?


Source: whatsapp