Alternative Buying Methods for Android Apps (no Credit Card required)

Credit cards are useful tools, when used properly, but I’m also aware of the fact there are millions of people that don’t want to choose such a payment method.

Many don’t want credit cards at all or don’t feel comfortable using them all the time, so this should mean that they cannot buy their favorite Android apps?

Not at all! There are various alternative buying methods for Android apps, I can assure you of that and none requires using a credit card.

Alternative Buying Methods for Android Apps:

  • There are many countries where Google lets you pay for an app with a single SMS. Its cost will be added to your monthly phone bill and even more, in the United States, the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular carriers have the possibility to purchase apps using the so-called direct carrier billing;
  • Do you know that you can also pay for your favorite apps by filling out surveys? Google’s survey app is as real as it can be, but the problem is that it’s limited only to a few countries: Australia, Japan, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, as well as Italy. Do you currently live in one of these countries? Then, here’s what you have to do:
  1. Install Google Opinion Rewards on your Android device;
  2. Register and fill out test survey;
  3. Have patience until new surveys appear in your push notifications;
  4. Once they do, complete them;
  5. Then, enjoy the apps that you want!
  • Another method is to use PayPal on Google Play. PayPal gives you the possibility to link your bank account directly to the service, so feel free to pay straight from your own account. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of giving PayPal direct access to your bank account, there is another option to top it up via wire transfer;
  • No less important, you can also use Google’s very own gift cards to top of you pre-paid Google Play balance. In most countries, they can be found in local convenience stores, supermarkets or on Amazon. However, if you live in India, there is currently no authorized Google Play reseller.

Ad no less important, wire transfers, Western Union and MoneyGram are not payment methods supported by Google Play at the time of writing this article.

Now, that you know what payment methods you can use, aren’t you curious which apps are waiting for you? The list is such a long one, so here I have only a few examples:

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