Discover the Undo Send Feature on Gmail for Android

Google’s Undo Send feature has been a real bless for people prone to embarrassing typos and mistakes on the web version of Gmail. However, are you aware of the fact that the feature has been carried over to the official mobile version of Google’s email app too? You’ve heard it right! The feature is there, so you just need to learn how to use it.

The point is that it works in a similar way to the Delete for Everyone feature in WhatsApp. In case of knowing this one either, it basically allows you to recall a sent email within 30 seconds. This is perfect if you have sent it in hurry and there’s some grammar error or any other mistake that needs to be fixed. However, you see that you must act fast! And I mean really fast!

I am saying that since you get maximum 30 seconds to recall your email. After the time expires, you may still undo your sent emails. There’s a chance though and not a promise!

Why haven’t you seen the feature?

Well, the feature has most probably already been implemented in your app for quite a while. Maybe you simply payed no attention to that notification appearing at the bottom of the screen and telling you about the big change. It is a long black bar with the word “Sending…” on the left and “Cancel” on the right.

Thanks to it, you’ll have a few seconds to cancel the outgoing email before it sends, which will return you to the original email draft. If you miss the opportunity to cancel the sending, you’ll see the bar update to read “Sent” and “Undo” instead.

If you waited too long to cancel, you’ll have one last chance to take the email back by pressing Undo. I just hope that it’s your lucky day!

And speaking of being lucky, you are on Android and this is really one step ahead everyone else’s. iPhone users still hope to see the feature hitting the iOS app while you enjoy it now!

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