Enjoy Manual Backup Option from Google Photos Update

As with most Google products and services, the company is constantly trying to improve the user’s experience. The Google Photos application and service replaced the older Google+ Photo Backup service, letting you choose between limited and unlimited, but reduced quality storage called “high quality” by the application.

The unlimited service restricts photographs to 16MP JPEGs in size and videos to 1080p resolution which is not at all bad and we have also seen photo editing functionality included into Google Photos, as well as various improvements in how to share images from third party applications, but there is something that has always been lacking. I am talking about the ability to manually upload individual items for the popular backup service, but things are about to change at this chapter.

A fresh update rolling out to Google Photos for Android is offering us the chance to enjoy a truly welcome feature: manual backup. As the name implies, manual backups give you the possibility to perform a one-time backup of specific photos, despite of the fact that you normally have the app set to only back up while charging, so you know what an advantage this can be!

Once you’re on the latest version of Google Photos, things are easier than ever. All you practically have to do is to initiate a manual backup by choosing the photos you want, then tapping “Back up now” from the three dot menu. At that point, all your photos should then start backing up regardless of any regular settings.

And as many of you know, in addition to the ability to back up and store unlimited quantities of photographs, Google Photos also has a cloud-based search functionality built into the application. It’s possible to search for individuals based on facial recognition, objects, animals, places or times which means that you will never waste any precious time and you will never be confused. As for the ability to include albums, which may be shared with contacts, I can only say that it is indeed easier than ever to share media across the world.

Manual backup is rolling out with the latest update to Google Photos on Google Play at the moment of writing these, so don’t hesitate to enter here and grab it.

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