Android 5.0 UVU1DOB1 Lollipop OTA Released for T-Mobile Galaxy S5

T-Mobile just released a new OTA for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The firmware which is dubbed as UVU1DOB1 brings the latest Android OS version to Samsung’s own flagship, thus you can now start enjoying Android 5.0 Lollipop software on your own smartphone.

The UVU1DOB1 Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware comes as a 900 MB package, so the best will be to ensure a WiFi connection during the update process – don’t use your data plan as you might be extra charged by T-Mobile.

The roll out will be provided gradually therefore it might take a while until all the Galaxy S5 users will be able to receive the Lollipop notification – slide down the notification panel and check if the notification is displayed, or search for the OTA manually by going towards “menu -> settings -> about phone -> software updates”.

The T-Mobile release brings a stable and smooth Android 5.0 experience to your Samsung Galaxy S5. The ROM is, as I have already pointed out, OTA available, but you can choose to flash the firmware through Samsung KIES or manually, by using Odin.

For being able to receive the notification your phone must be locked and powered by stock Android OS. Thus, if your Galaxy S5 is rooted and installed with a custom ROM, you will not be able to apply the OTA UVU1DOB1 OS – instead, you will have to use Odin for manually update your SGS5 (if you need our help, contact us and we will teach you how to complete the manual installation process).

T-Mobile is however two weeks late as Verizon already rolled out Lollipop updates for its version of the Galaxy S5, while other carriers are already preparing the second wave of OTAs for the same device. Anyhow, in the end, do tell us if you have received the firmware, or if you are still waiting for the notification. Also, if you have managed to test the new Lollipop OS, share your thoughts about the new ROM with us by using the comments field from below.