HTC One Android 4.3 update: is it coming, or not?

HTC One still has an update coming for the Android 4.2.2 on US smartphones. Although some markets already carry HTC One with Android 4.2.2, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint models remain on Android jelly Bean 4.1, the operating system that the device was first released with. Since then, Google also released Android 4.3, which will likely not arrive on HTC One phones in the US, or at least not too soon. Verizon’s HTC One is expected a release with Android 4.2.2, but this information isn’t official so we can’t bet it’s true. It was only a month ago that Taiwanese and European users received the JB 4.2.2 OTA update.
The HTC One Android 4.2.2 update brought a series of changes, like:

  • Launcher bar enhancement
  • Widget panel rearrangement
  • New lock screen style and widget
  • Enhanced behavior of the home button
  • The death of the black bar
  • Battery percentage in the status bar
  • Quick settings
  • AE/AF enhancements in the camera

Since HTC released the One at the beginning of 2013, carrying Android 4.1, while Android 4.2 was already out (as our source states), we can’t expect the company to update the device too soon (or at all), as it just brought the 4.2.2 version to some devices, while other companies took a jump from Android 4.1 directly to Android 4.3.



Android 4.3 was released at Google’s event last month, bringing serious changes and improvements like

    • Bluetooth Smart
    • OpenGL ES 3.0
    • Easier text input
    • DRM APIs
    • Restricted profiles
    • Fast user-switching
    • Background WiFi location
    • Bluetooth AVRCP
    • Dial Pad autocomplete
    • Swahili and Zulu support
    • Africaans, Amharic, Hindi
    • Hebrew, Arabic RTL

We hope the version will arrive soon on HTC One smartphones all over the world, as many Nexus smartphones probably already received it. The HTC One Nexus was considered to be the first device to receive the update, but something must have happened on the way. We’ll let you know if we find out more.