The Android Location Tracker and Recorder that you are looking for: BackPackTrack II

Are you looking for an Android open source utility application that can be used to continuously record your location, without draining your battery and without requiring an internet connection? Is not an easy task to find an app that meets all your requirements, but no one says that it’s impossible.

On the contrary, I strongly believe that the location tracker and recorder that you are looking for is none other than BackPackTrack II.

Why should this be your choice? There is an entire list of advantages that you should know about from the very beginning:

  • If you are in the same position for a long time, then the app will not track the location and will only activate and use the GPS location when you are moving. This is done using the satellite visibility, so there should be at least one satellite visible after 30 seconds (configurable) or with the help of the GPS which will be turned off or deactivated. If GPS cannot get a fix, a network location will be used as backup;
  • BackPackTrack II can also passively use locations requested by other applications like any mapping application. Passive locations will be recorded if the bearing changes by more than 30 degrees or if the altitude changes by more than 20 meter – however, it is up to you to configure these parameters with the numbers that you want;
  • Even more, as I have said from the very beginning, the developers of BackpackTracker II claim that the app does not drain up the juice of your battery as the GPS will be activated every 3 minutes for no more than 60 seconds – this number is also set by default, but it can be configured within the app, to acquire a certain location;
  • BackPackTrack II offers the records in a visual format which can be easily read and analyzed; you get an activity history, so you can see what you were doing and when, a step counter which doesn’t count false steps, because activity recognition will be used to count steps only while you are walking, along with weather information including the current weather status bar notification with a temperature icon, as well as hourly or daily weather forecasting for the last or a selected location.

Are you worried about any potential errors? You should not be at all as long as locations will be filtered according to the current distance from your last location and to the location accuracy as well. The default is to filter locations within just 100 meter of the last location, including locations with an accuracy of worse than 100 meter.

And if you want even more than that, feel free to use OsmAnd Maps & Navigations or Google Earth in order to export your location history as a GPX or KML file for visualization in another application.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the app from here and start using it.