How to Fix Green LED light blink on LG G4

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I have already told you about the annoying LG G4 performance issues, not to mention the overheating problems and you know that there is no joke at any of these chapters. For the moment, all that you can do is to check its performance and hope for LG to discover that this is just a software problem.

Otherwise, if this is a hardware problem, then LG will have to start exchanging all the faulty units for ones that work and what a mess this could be. But do you imagine that these are the only problems that your LG G4 has? Think better as long as so many other owners are still complaining about some Green LED light blink issues as well.

As you know, the LED light is there to blink every time when a notification item is in the shade. However, even though the blink should be spotted only when there is a notification to look for, it seems that things do not always go according to the plan. There is some bug in LG’s software, so even this flagship blinks the LED in green color even when there are no notifications to tap on.

You might think of this as a small issue, but after a while, I am sure that you could be annoyed by being in the situation of seeing the LED blink, then checking the notification bar only to discover that there are no new items to look at.

There is though a solution for this problem offered by player911 and here I am to tell you all about it. He is the one telling us that the alarm app is the one causing this problem, so simply turning off the alarm before turning it on again is the ideal fix. To be more precise, this is what you have to do:

How to Fix Green LED light blink on your LG G4:

  1. For the start, clear all notification items – you have to tap on Clear button;
  2. Next, turn off the screen;
  3. Wait for the LED light to blink even though there are no notification items;
  4. Once you have confirmed the problem, turn on the screen;
  5. Go to clock app;
  6. It’s time to disable all active Alarms;
  7. Then, do not hesitate to turn off the screen by double tapping the status bar twice;
  8. Now, watch the LED light. Is it blinking any longer? I hope that it is not;
  9. You can enable the alarm(s) and the problem should be permanently fixed.

Let me know if the operation worked for you as well.

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