Get the Latest Greenify 2.7 Update

I am sure of the fact that I am not the only one who desperately loves to test new Android apps all the time; however, I have to admit that they are eating away the battery of my Android device and the RAM in the background, even when I am not actively using them.

Well, the solution for such problems is not a new one (I am talking about Greenify which solves this issue by hibernating selected Android apps when they’re not in the foreground, stopping their processes until I decide to launch them again), but the update is new and I truly like what it has to offer.

Do you also want to enjoy the latest Greenify 2.7 update that I am telling you about? Greenify has moved to Android 6.0 Marshmallow support and I know that you must be thrilled by the idea, but also want to warn you about the fact that the support is still experimental, so there is no guarantee that it works with no flaws.

However, you still can use the app if you’ve flashed Marshmallow Preview 3 on your device and don’t leave aside the fact that it fixes several issues and improves functionality when it comes to hibernation. For example, foreground apps can no longer hibernate no matter what they’re set as and even more, the auto-hibernation should dim the screen instead of flicking it.

Things really sound interesting, so here you can find more details from the official changelog with the detailed list of modifications; among the new features you can find:

  • Experimental support for Android 6.0, along with the new “Shallow Hibernation” engine;
  • As I’ve already told you, the auto-hibernation now dims the screen, so there are no more annoying screen flicking to be worried about;
  • “Hibernate and Lock Screen” shortcut is finally compatible with Smart Lock; however, keep in mind the fact that for rooted users, this feature runs very smoothly, but I cannot say the same thing for the non-rooted ones;
  • Foreground app no longer hibernates even if “state always ignored”;
  • Even more Native processes are also cleaned in hibernation, to prevent self-awakening;
  • As for the fixed issues, the update solved the app running state detection on Android 5.1.1_r9 & 6.0, as well as the “Wake-up” in Tasker plug-in.

Greenify 2.7 is live on the Play Store (take it from here), but if you are not afraid of experimenting, you can grab the updated 2.7.1 (192) release from APK Mirror – use this link for that.

Were you successful? Let me know about your experience.