Strava: An Ideal Android App for Bike Enthusiasts

There is no mystery about the fact that there are plenty of great Android running apps waiting to be used, but not many of you know that there are also many apps for cyclers. Are you one of them as well? From navigation to planning routes and getting the best tips for your bike, there’s something for everyone here and you are no exception. My guess is that you have no issue when it comes to embracing new technology, so here I have a special app that has been designed to add an extra dimension to your riding.

Strava is the perfect app for those bike enthusiasts and trust me when I am saying that you will be surprised by what this app has to offer. Let me tell you from the start the fact that it gives you the possibility to easily track rides by time, distance, or speed and it even has a surprise as long as it’s really designed to be a companion to workouts or specific activities, not only as a monitor for your everyday step count.

That is why, since it launched in 2009, Strava has managed to become so popular and for many, it’s the perfect choice for all cycle rides. If you’re a hardcore runner or bicyclist, you should give a try to this app as well. You can use it to track your run or bike ride with the GPS of your phone, you can see your exact route along with detailed info like pace, power, and cadence and don’t leave aside the best feature is the Strava’s large active user base that lets you do things such as see which of your friends are out on a run or compare your best record to people having the same age, weight, as well as height.

To be more precise, there is a section called ‘Segments’ which shows your times on leaderboards in order to see how you compare to others who have cycled the same road, not to mention the social functionality that allows you to follow the weekly progress of cycling friends, join clubs and take part in challenges that you cannot even think about.

After all, this is the reason for Strava’s popularity. And you should also note that unlike many other apps that can be found on Google Play, Strava has stayed away from those annoying ads that might be interrupting your runs.
That is the best you can ask for, so take the app from here and give it a try! Besides providing plenty of information at a glance, you become a part of a great community of athletes with support and amazing challenges, so have fun!