Install and Use WonderWall, a great new Android Wallpaper App

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You know that there are tons of amazing Android wallpaper apps, but let me tell you from the start that none of them is like WonderWall.

Instead of focusing on various wallpapers, like many other wallpaper apps do, this one only focuses on landscapes and nature. All the wallpapers are hand-picked and of high quality and even better, every day one new wallpaper is added in the collection, so you’ll always be surprised.

Another interesting thing about WonderWall is also the fact that it only has vertical wallpapers. Such wallpapers are specifically created for smartphones, so there are is problem when it comes to fitting your Android device.

Other wallpaper apps have such wallpapers that cannot be enjoyed without cropping and you already know what this means. Well, if you are ok with losing the clarity of the wallpaper, then WonderWall is not for you.

But if you want to put this to an end, the wallpapers on your screen will be as clear as they are in the app.

How to Install and Use WonderWall:

  1. WonderWall can be taken from here;
  2. Install it onto your Android handset;
  3. The app is divided into categories such as sea, waterfall, mountains, bridges, road, fog, urban, or space;
  4. Every single wallpaper is a photo taken by a camera, that’s why the information regarding how the photo was taken is clearly mentioned below every wallpaper;
  5. Are you a photographer as well? Submit your photos too;
  6. Enjoy “Autoset” in order to change your wallpaper, automatically. While enabling auto set, you can choose the source and category for wallpapers or you can fetch wallpapers only on Wi-Fi;
  7. Do you also have some favorite wallpapers? The Favorites & History features let you find them later by starring them or by browsing through your previous wallpapers in history;
  8. Wonderwall also plugs into Muzei, so you can get the app’s handpicked wallpapers delivered to you by Muzei Live Wallpaper.

You can also:

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