How to Use Promo Codes on your Android Device

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Have you ever dreamed of getting a special promo code for a paid app? Developers couldn’t do such a thing, but things have changed and believe it or not, they work in your favor. In a message posted to developer consoles, Google is informing Android developers that they finally hand out promo codes for paid apps or in-app purchases on Google Play. And this seems to be just the beginning.

The introduction of promo codes for paid apps on Google Play immediately lead to a new app which is known as Promo Codes and can you guess what it does? Well, it seems that it gives users a chance per day to receive a promo code good for a paid app in Google Play.

To be more precise, an app will be featured on Promo Codes every single day. After installing it, all you have to do is to hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” and you will discover if you really are lucky or not. At that time, you will either win a promo code to download that featured app for free, or not, so there is nothing to lose.

If you don’t win, you will simply be redirected to that app’s page on Google Play so you can check it out anyway. You can then buy it if you so choose. If you do win, the promo code is copied to your device’s clipboard, then on Google Play and you can redeem that code by pasting it into the redemption portion of the purchasing process.

That’s how simple it really is! And even if the app is there for no more than a few days, I am sure of the fact that more and more developers will decide to join the club. With a list that will grow, so will your chances to win a Promo Code for a top quality app!

Grab it from here right away and good luck.

Apps that are waiting for you:

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