Use Wallapop on your Android Device and Become a Seller

Is your closet full of stuff? Don’t run away of this problem and be honest: how many phones, tablets, dresses, T-shirts, video games, books and so on are forgotten and sent to an attic to live out the rest of their days? Hey! You can sell some of them and even get good money. There are hundreds of websites to sell used things online, as well as amazing Android apps that take advantage of the fact that out there is a huge community eager to buy every day.

For example, you can Uue Wallapop on your Android device and become a seller. Available in no less than 18 cities across the US, Wallapop enables locals to sell phones, tablets, clothes, books, video games, cars, vintage or collectible items, old furniture and much more.

To list an item, tap the camera button to take up to four photos. Give your item a title, headline, description, and category. Then, you must mark whether you are willing to accept any trades, if you want or not to negotiate the price and whether shipping is available or not. Isn’t this enough? Then, remember that you have to share via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Mail, or WhatsApp. Prospective buyers must sign up using their email address or Facebook account and be sure that your contact info remains hidden.

Do you want to find something and become a buyer? Chat directly with sellers, meet locally, check out the item and buy it only if it fits the description. There are various categories including items like cars, electronics, phones, tablets, fashion and accessories, babies and children, vintage clothes, sports equipment, books, bikes, videogames, films, furniture and more, so I am sure that you can find anything you’re looking for.

When it comes to privacy, buyers never get your exact location, just an approximate one, so there is no reason to be worried about.

Are you looking for second hand items or do you want to sell? Wallapop is your best choice, so give it a try from here!

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