How to Use Android Scout Launcher, the Ideal Contextual Launcher

What do you think of the idea of using an Android contextual launcher? I consider it as being an inspired one as long as such a launcher can learn as much as possible about you and find relevant content which is displayed right to your home-screen.

Such an example is Scout Launcher developed by Bento which uses the information provided by your Android device and the services you use all the time in order to display relevant content on your home screen.

Scout Launcher is designed such that your favorite Android music, videos, as well as top news are all on the home screen; you can also prioritize your notifications and enjoy Smart Spaces that keeps the apps organized for you. With these being said, Scout Launcher is smart and simple to use on every Android device, so don’t decline my invitation to find out more about what it can do:

Learn How to Use Scout Launcher:

  1. Scout Launcher has been renamed from Bento Launcher and has made its way to the Play Store as a Beta. Do not hesitate to take Scout Launcher from here;
  2. Install it on your Android device and let the fun begin;
  3. Here you can find some of Scout’s Launcher key features:
  • You can listen to Music from SoundCloud, watch YouTube videos and read the top News from your home-screen;
  • If you love being organized, then you’ll be delighted to find out that all your apps can be organized in Smart Spaces;
  • If you don’t want to miss anything important, you can get prioritized notifications right on your home-screen;
  • Get personalized concert recommendations for your favorite artists;
  • Scout learns what music you play on Spotify, Google Play Music and can provide lyrics for those songs;
  • Get beautiful Weather and Calendar cards at all times;
  • Get an Uber to your next destination;
  • Also enjoy restaurant recommendations from Yelp;
  • Use the Universal search box to search across the web, apps, contacts, Play store and not only.

With such special features and a truly unique design, Scout Launcher seems a great competitor for other popular launchers such as Nova, Apex or Google Now Launcher. Do you think that too?

And do not leave aside the other guides which can be applied to your handset such as:

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