Enjoy Fast Notepad – a Refreshing Basic Android Note Taking App

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Those days when inspiration was lost because you couldn’t find a paper to right down your thoughts are a part of the past. To be honest, I don’t miss them at all, but on the contrary, I embrace technology and I like it more than ever. However, I am aware of the fact that finding the right app for that note tacking job is not that easy, so here I am to help you.

I know that many of you are about to tell me that Evernote is what they need as long as this app can do anything (you can Create Notes, Enjoy Organizational Features and Note Sharing with Evernote). However, there are also others who have a hard time getting used to its look, feel and organizational structure. And I honestly believe that not all of you are looking for such a complex application that allows you to create notes, voice notes, upload images to notes and so on.

Are you one of those people too? Then, let me tell you more about Fast Notepad. In case of not ever hearing of it, then let me assure you of the fact that it is a relatively newer option in the note taking space, but despite of that, it already has so many positive reviews and it became the favorite of an impressive number of Android users around the globe.

What are you getting in this case? Well, nothing more than a basic note taking app. There are no extra features, no ads, as well as nothing to bloat the app, but I bet that this is exactly what some of you might have in mind. In fact, you have no idea how refreshing this can all be!

Let me tell you that the app works very quickly, so I really think that it is simply the best option for people who just need something fast and reliable. As for its Material Design-inspired theme, I can tell you that it is a bless, so you cannot complain about that and best of all, it’s completely free.

Have I convinced you? Enter here and take the app right away.

If you want to keep looking, then more options are waiting for you; I am talking about guides such as: Take Notes, Make Checklists and more with Android ColorNote or how to Take Advantage of Android LectureNotes on your own Tablet, an app especially created for note-taking by handwriting on the screen with a stylus and not only.

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