How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S9

Factory Resetting is one of the most important things you should know if you own a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S9. You may not use it all the time, but it’s actually pretty handy in certain cases when you have no other alternative. If a soft reset will simply force a reboot in the event the S9 has become frozen or unresponsive and data will not be cleared from the device after such a procedure, you should understand from the start that a hard reset will set the device to factory default settings.

Even more, all data will be cleared from the device when performing a factory reset. So, a backup is a must and you need to set your phone up from the scratch after the reset and retrieve your files and other things you want saved in your phone.

Even if this is indeed an inconvenience, I must remind you that this is a very effective procedure to address almost all firmware issues and some minor hardware related problems. You could use it as a fresh start, or you might just need to make some changes from time to time.

Note: All described operations you are doing at your own risk and ensure you have already taken a backup of your files before starting the below procedure:

How to Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 (method 1):

  1. Turn off your handset;
  2. Then, at the same time, hold down the volume up and the Bixby button;
  3. Continue to hold both buttons, then press and release the Power button to power the device on;
  4. Release all buttons when the Samsung logo appears. The Android Recovery menus should appear;
  5. Use the volume buttons to toggle the selection to Wipe data / factory reset;
  6. Then, tap Power to choose the highlighted selection.

How to Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 (method 2):

  1. Swipe down your notification bar and select the Settings icon in the top right corner of your phone screen;
  2. After opening the Settings page, tap on Factory reset data;
  3. Tap on Reset at the bottom of your phone screen;
  4. On the next page, hit on Delete All;
  5. Now, you have to wait for a few minutes for the process to finish and your Galaxy S9 to reboot.

It’s true that this procedure would have removed all the files on your phone, but you can now enjoy a frozen and error free smartphone. Isn’t it better this way?

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