Enjoy Free Calls from PC to Android with Numbertank

Haven’t you heard of Numbertank? Things are about to change thanks to an amazing app which is capable to offer free calls to Android straight from a PC. Numbertank is some sort of an internet portal which allows users to make free calls from PC to mobile, but keep in mind that you can only call other members of Numbertank who are on your contact list.

And besides that, Numbertank is a social messaging app for your Android device as it is equipped with a variety of special features such as chats, channels, albums, or status updates.

When it comes to the provided free calls, note that you can get 30 min. free calls a day to make calls to a number. You can call a number from India, Singapore, USA, China, or Canada and even better, all unused min. get carried out for the next day.

From Status Updates you can see a separate page for status updates which keeps you updated with what your friends are posting and you can also choose to share 24 hour auto-deleting albums with your friends and see what they have shared.

Enjoy Free Calls from PC to Android with Numbertank:

  1. You can download Numbertank for Android mobile from Play Store or directly by entering here;
  2. To begin the procedure, get an invite be accessing this link;
  3. Go to that invite link;
  4. Now, create a Numbertank account there;
  5. Enter all your basic details to create it;
  6. After that, you have to complete your registration by Gmail account to verify it;
  7. Have patience and in a matter of seconds you will receive a new e-mail in your Gmail account to verify your email id;
  8. It’s time to do the phone number verification, as well as to verify your personal details to create new account;
  9. Then, enter the verification code there to complete the full registration of your new Numbertank account;
  10. Your new Numbertank account will be credited which practically means that you have no less than 30 min of free calls on mobile.

At this point, there is nothing stopping you from making free calls from PC to mobile to anyone you know from your contact list. Even more, you can also send anyone an invite to come on the Numbertank for free to make free calls from internet.