Improve Productivity with the 5217 Android App

You are probably aware of the Pomodoro technique which is a time management technique that gives you the essential tip for an efficient work. It’s all about understating your potential and taking breaks. So, let’s just say that you work for a certain period of time during which you are sure that you’ll be able to do your best and after that a short break of no more than a few minutes is more than welcomed.

There are also numerous variations of the Pomodoro Method and one of them is the Rule of 52 and 17. This practically claims that the most productive workers are those who work for a little bit under an hour followed by a break lasting approximately 17 minutes before starting their work again. Inspired by this, some developers thought about a special app that can help you keep track of these cycle during your day: 5217.

This 5217 app does exactly what it is expected to do. As you can guess from its suggestive name, this tool helps you record the 52 and 17 cycle. The frequent breaks throughout the day can improve productivity and if your current schedule allows that, why not becoming a part of most productive cycle comprised of 52 minutes of work followed by a 17 minute break?

5217 can record that cycle and help you stick to it even if it might not seem that easy at first. You get more than you can expect: subtle transitions, encouraging messages, playful alarm tones that can indicate the start and stop of each cycle and more- all of these encouraging you to follow as many cycles as you are able to complete in a day.

You can also share your cycles via social media to boast about your productivity that day. And another major advantage that you should know about from the start is that it also comes with native Android Wear support, so it is up to you to Start, Stop and take a look at its notification directly from your watch. What can be more convenient than that?

The 5217app is unique, it’s beautiful too and I am not lying when I say that the app is totally worthy of those $0.99 that you have to pay for installing it. If you think the same, use the Google Play link here provided and give it a try!

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