Don’t Install Individual RAM Consuming Apps, but only Slidechat

Once in a while, a certain app captures my interest and this is Slidechat’s case too. It’s true that I am passionate about latest technology, but this doesn’t have to mean that I forget about those of you who don’t afford or simply don’t want to become the owners of a new Android device.

icoolguy1995 developed a new Android app which promises a lot for those like you. If you have a limited amount of either RAM or available — free or unused — space on your device, you may encounter various problems. Where to enjoy all the apps that you use each day? This is where the app known as Slidechat interferes as it lets you use Facebook, Facebook messenger, and Twitter at the same time without installing any of the individual RAM consuming apps.

First we got the wave of lite versions of these popular social network apps – such as Facebook Lite and SlimSocial for Twitter – but I am glad to see that things made another step in the right direction of having all these into a single app.

So, that is why I think that Slidechat could be the app you might be looking for. If you have an entry-level smartphone or an old one without much RAM to spare on such apps like Facebook and Twitter, then Slidechat solves your problem in no time. Slidechat does the magic of squeezing Facebook, Messenger, as well as Twitter into less than you are imagining now. After you install it, the apk is “unzipped” and this translates in no more than 12MB in reality. It’s still a lot better than the 250MB Facebook app occupies on its own.

Obviously it simply includes a webview of each app, but you cannot have it all! This means that you’ll have to use Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter just like you use them on Google Chrome mobile, but this isn’t necessary a bad thing. It’s actually a matter of tastes.

The app divides the three networks, each having its own login, over tabs in the top bar. I love the idea of separating Facebook from Messenger, but I must tell you about something that I don’t particularly like about SlideChat. It seems that on some pages it rolls out a banner. Although it’s not found on all pages and it is a small one, you can get rid of it if you pay no more than €0.99.

This isn’t much to pay for an app which is created for Android devices with limited hardware by helping them enjoy apps with a minimum of space and memory. In case you want to try this version, you can download the APK file from here.

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