Enjoy Free Android Apps with Purchasable In-app Content Unlocked

How many applications do you currently have installed on your Android phone? You’ve probably lost the number, but one thing is for sure: you use many of them every day as they simplify your life. Then, you know that many of your favorite applications are available for free, but there are also some of them that come with purchasable in-app content – simply known IAP.

This is a method created for app developers in order to monetize their product. But not all of you love it – I already know that. Then, why not finding an alternative? Are you aware of the fact that Amazon launched “Amazon Underground”, an amazing Android app store that offers your favorite apps with all IAP unlocked? Here I am to tell you more about it:

They are all for free, but there is still some sort of paying for the apps that you love. In this case, I am not talking about an actual payment, but the app tracks how much you use which apps. Amazon officially declared that Underground is financed by some sort of a special deal that you should know more about.

This has to do with Amazon’s investing into gaming, so what better way than this one for gathering data about Android gamers all over the world and getting new gamers from other devices? Free games are waiting for you such as the Angry Birds series, the Goat Simulator and not only, but do you agree with the fact that Amazon is asking such access rights and that it is tracking your phone? If that’s no problem to you, then read on to find out how you’ll set everything up:

Enjoy Free Android Apps with Purchasable In-app Content Unlocked by Installing Amazon Underground:

  1. Verify that that you’re able to install apps from unknown sources, so go to Settings -> Security;
  2. Then, you are ready to download the app by heading to this direct link;
  3. Install it;
  4. That’s it. You may find the new free apps and games in the underground tab.

Underground can be the perfect deal for you, so think twice before saying no!

And as I always tell you, a long list of apps waits to be discovered, so waste no more time:

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