Record and Draw with Android ExplainIT

Do you love recording the best moments of your life? I totally get you! Be sure that you are not the only one, but I also know that you are sometimes disappointed of the fact that you don’t have the camera on you. Do you know that Android is also capable of recording screen?

Just search for screen recording apps on the Google Play Store and you’ll see that there are plenty of options to choose from. However, there is an issue if rooting isn’t your thing as long as most of these apps require root access to function. Don’t be upset; you know that there is always an exception or a way out of any problem you might have.

This time, the answer to your problem is none other than ExplainIT which is quite new and a bit different from other screen recording apps in the list. I am saying that as long as this app practically works like a whiteboard, because you can record, but also write on the screen using your finger.

Various colours are available along with an eraser and all other necessary stuff. You can also record your voice while writing on the screen. ExplainIT can be exactly what you need in all those situations where you need to explain something to someone, so give it a try:

Record and Draw with ExplainIT:

  1. ExplainIT can be taken from here;
  2. That’s what you can do after installation:
  3. Choose image from Gallery, Camera or you can directly draw your message on White Board;
  4. Once you have selected the picture or White Board, it’s time to record your message by Talking and drawing on it;
  5. Stop the recording when it’s the case;
  6. Then, feel free to share the recorded video via Email, Whatsapp, Hike, Google+, YouTube, Facebook or other social network;
  7. Don’t forget an important part: the video is saved in MP4 format, so dot hesitate to play in any Media Player you might have.

Isn’t this your best video ever? Get creative as long as your video message can combine speech, drawing and photos.

And don’t hesitate to take a closer look to our Apps section which has plenty of other options to choose from:

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