How to Enjoy Beautiful Widgets Pro

With only a little bit of effort, you have the possibility to create your own Android widgets. After all, Google Play provides a few apps that help you do just that and I can assure you of the fact that Beautiful Widgets Pro is one of them.

Beautiful Widgets Pro is a great Android option if you’re looking for something that gives you full control. The app provides so many template options for creating your own widget that upon first opening the app, it may look rather intimidating. However, this can also be considered as a major advantage as you can quickly select a widget and then make a few minor tweaks in order to get to the best result possible.

Beautiful Widgets Pro is the perfect option if you want the weather, a large clock, as well as other at-a-glance details, but I have to tell you something from the start. Some have said that the design of some widgets seems to be a little stuck in the past, but don’t you imagine that the issue is with all the widgets. There are plenty of options with a fresh look, while other Android users are actually looking for an old look and find the app as being perfect.

As for the rest, I can assure you that it is all about your creativity. That is why my advice is to spend some time to play with the Beautiful Widgets Pro app and familiarize yourselves with all the different objects and icons provided. I personally did that and I know the app’s true potential. After all, Beautiful Widgets was the first application to achieve one million paid downloads and it still has so much to offer to those who want to try it out. There are multiple widgets (in 6×4, 6×1 formats, as well as 6×2 format for tablets), a main weather forecast information for your current location, as well as for all your preferred cities, weather animations, weather notifications from around the world, interactive weather wallpapers and much, much more than that.

To discover all these, take Beautiful Widgets Pro from here and check it out on your own too. It is just a matter of time until having some widgets that no one else has.

If you like using widgets, or may want to test out the concept more deeply, this is a great option, but not the only one. Keep a close eye on us as we are working on more widget guides.