Test your Reflex with SpeedX 3D

Playing games with your Android device is a very relaxing way of passing time, but God, how many choices are out there? Don’t you need a little help with that? Let me tell you from the start that SpeedX 3D is kind of different, but in a good way. And the fact that is back on Android is even better as long as we don’t see every day a game such as Speedx 3D delivers stunning 3D accelerometer controlled tunnel experience.

This is practically your chance to test your reflex in ultimate speed challenge with smooth 3D graphics. Yes, it’s true that this game has no complex controls or even controls at all, but it uses only your device’s accelerometer in order to control your moves.

Give the app a few seconds to calibrate the sensor and you are good to go. Tilt your phone in order to avoid barriers and try to make the best time in a course. Even more, you have to avoid all obstacles and don’t fall off the surface. This isn’t an easy thing to so, but keep in mind that every single obstacle has a color trail just before the obstacle appears, use that indicator to get out of the way!

Even more, you must try to rack up on the smaller orange squares, these will accumulate in the bottom right of your screen. They keep you in the game if you clip blocks and you will see how fun SpeedX 3D really is.

Even more, you are not alone into this, but you can compete with other players through global online high score board and with the help of that special an online mode in which you can compete against the best!

Grab SpeedX 3D from Google Play right now with the help of this link!