How to Force Restart the Galaxy S7 Edge

A few days after the Galaxy S7 Edge was released, there were already several owners that complained about a situation that many of you know so well. Some downloaded apps keep crashing and this also makes the system crash, the Android system crashed leaving the phone unresponsive even when the power key is pressed, the smartphone simply stops responding due to software bug and so on.

So, if your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gets unresponsive or is stuck when you are trying to update an app, if you cannot use certain features of the device or you feel that something is wrong, it’s obviously that you cannot leave things this way. Force restart your Galaxy S7 Edge to solve all these problems right away!

Things aren’t at all complicated or risky. In theory, Samsung adeed a new feature that starts a force restart of the device when it detects a software related issue, but the truth is that it doesn’t work as it should. Pressing and holding the Volume down and Power keys together for around ten seconds is the solution, but don’t mix things up. I want to remind you that the procedure descried below helps you to force restart your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Anyway, it doesn’t factory reset, so if you are experiencing more severe problems, a hard reset is what you truly need (you can use this guide on How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone for this purpose). As for the battery, let me tell you that a device that is completely drained is not ready for such a procedure even if it isn’t at all complicated.

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge should be charged for a minimum of 15 minutes using the wall charger supplied with the handset and only after that you can move to the actual guide.

So, hasn’t your handset initiated the auto-reboot? After waiting a minute or two, it’s time to do things in your way and I can assure you of the fact that this procedure should work as long as it’s done correctly. Even more, the Forced Restart operation will refresh the phone’s memory so whatever firmware or hardware glitch that occurred would be fixed as well.

How to Force Restart your Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. Then, you must only press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down key at the same time for no more than a few seconds; it’s just like when you pull the battery out of your phone to reset it;
  2. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge will first vibrate;
  3. Then, it will turn off;
  4. At the end, the handset will reboot;
  5. Everything should be fine now, but if this doesn’t happen and the forced reboot procedure failed, you have to think outside the box;
  6. Maybe the battery got drained, so plug the charger in and leave the device for around 10 minutes before attempting to turn it on;
  7. After 5 minutes of charging, try turning on your phone and if that won’t work, try the first step again.

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