500 Firepaper gives a New Look to your Handset

Changing the wallpapers is the quickest way to give a new look to your handset. In fact, this is the most prominent part of a device’s visual appeal and yet, I hope that you will not get confused. Just perform an image search on Google Play and you’ll come up with tons of wallpapers. But are they all good?

It’s 2017 already and there is an app for everything, including wallpapers. So, instead of searching and trying them one by one as there are so many options there, let me tell you more about one of my favorite wallpaper apps.

I am talking about 500 Firepaper which is technically a live wallpaper, but it’s a live wallpaper that shows you regular wallpapers and this is what makes it unique. The premise is not at all complicated. 500 Firepaper taps into the 500px website throughout the day and downloads images from there to be used as your wallpaper. The 500px site is not any site with any wallpapers, but this one is actually popular for its amazing photography and those images also make for great wallpapers.

However, I have to tell you from the start the fact that high-resolution imagery takes a lot of memory in uncompressed form, especially as long as multiple buffers are required. But you have no reason to get worried about as long as while the wallpaper/daydream is not visible, the memory occupied by the app will automatically be released and repurposed. And yes, this is a proof that the 500 Firepaper app is aimed at high-end devices.

This wallpaper app is free to download with an optional pro version as an in-app purchase. You must be wondering what buying the Pro version can offer you and I bet that you are not seeing this answer coming. The developers thought of a different approach and already made all the features available to this app’s users for free. Supporting their work is therefore optional as there are no other special features included here, but certainly appreciated.

Check out if this app is what you are looking for and don’t hesitate to tell us about your favorites in the comments below.

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