Grab Vivo Xplay 6 Stock Wallpapers on Android

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Vivo is a Chinese OEM that has managed to gain a name in developing countries like China and India and I have to admit the fact that some of its devices are quite impressive. Let’s take Vivo’s Xplay 6 example which comes with a curved screen with dual edge. Of course, if your budget is not limited, then Samsung gives you a similar option that is much more reliable, but not everyone wants to spend a little fortune on a handset or needs a device such as Galaxy S7 Edge, at least not at the moment.

However, this is a completely different story as long as today I want to tell you more about how easy is to grab Vivo Xplay 6 Stock Wallpapers on your own Android handset.

Vivo Xplay 6 comes with no less than 13 wallpapers with 1440 x 2560 px resolution, they are full of color and fresh, so what do you say? Would you give some of them a try?

If you like these wallpapers and your answer is a positive one, you can find all of them in a single zip file from below, so tis guide is waiting for you.

Grab Vivo Xplay 6 Stock Wallpapers on Android:

  1. The wallpapers that I am telling you about can be taken from here right away;
  2. After that, you must find a location for the wallpapers from the zip. Have you found it? The desktop is often the best choice, so do not hesitate to extract them right away;
  3. Use your handset’s original USB cord in order transfer the wallpapers to your current device;
  4. Then, you need to enter into the Settings option;
  5. Up next, just select an image from the new 13 wallpapers that I have told you about;
  6. Now, just touch the OK or Set Wallpaper button (depending on your device) in order to confirm your new selection and enjoy the changes.
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