Substratum is far better than Layers Manager

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In 2016, Substratum took off where the popular theming app Layers Manager left. Around an year ago, Layers Manager lost its popularity in favor of Substratum and even though Layers Manager was my favorite of all for so long, I have to admit the fact that Substratum is indeed far better.

It is a bit complicated to explain, but the point is that Substratum is a very special theming app that gives you the chance to theme various aspects of you Android device as well as some popular apps to the core, once you root your device and grant it required permissions. And the awesome themes are one of a kind, that type that cannot be found anywhere else.

Stock devices other than Nexus are not guaranteed to work, so developers are clear about the fact that you should not try to report bugs with stock devices other than Nexus. If you choose to try, be sure you have a custom recovery and another important aspect is to make a backup first as we and the developers are not responsible for what it might happen to your Android device or for any possible data loss. This is all on you, so I hope that you know what you are doing!

Even more, I wan to remind you that developers are clear about the fact that must not use Substratum on Pixels or Nexus devices running the 7.1.1 dev previews until further notice. It’s not the time for that just yet, but things will most probably change in the near future. I hope that you don’t have a problem waiting!

Do you already have a compatible device? Then, you don’t have to postpone taking it! Substratum theme engine can be taken from this direct link right away, so I hope that you will enjoy it!

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