Zeus Music Strobe Light turns your Android device into a Strobe Light

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From the developer of BeatBeast, Gen-Y Pad, and DubPad, Zeus Music Strobe Light comes as a real delight for all those who are looking for a special app that can improve their experience when it comes to music.

To be more precise, this app that I am telling you about can easily turn your Android handset into a strobe light that listens to the music playing around you and flashes according to the beats. After all, this ability was not so hard to guess since a strobe light is a device which is used to produce regular flashes of lights.

Unlike other strobe lights that you might have used or heard of up to now, Zeus Music Strobe Light has a visually engineered UI with an built-in visualizer, so its strobe light / flashlight listens to the music about you and flashes accordingly with no error.

The idea is pretty interesting and even more, don’t leave aside that Zeus Music Strobe Light comes with 3 modes:

  • Clap Mode: turn your flashlight via a single clap; then, clap again and the flashlight will go off right away;
  • Music Mode (Strobe Light Effect): with the help of this mode, you can watch your flashlight turn on and flashlight turn off according to the music. Use this mode for strobe light functionality and if you feel that a change would be welcomed, then change the delay, making the strobe light slower or faster;
  • Beat Mode (Strobe Light Effect): when it comes to this mode, you should know from the start that it turns your flashlight on and off according to the music, but not as in the previous mode. This time, it actually uses some sort of a mathematical calculation that attempts to identify percussion in the music, so you get much more control over the Music Mode. And don’t leave aside that the app uses an inconsistent tempo and this practically makes it more versatile.

Zeus Music Strobe Light is simple and easy to use and features the best that you can find at this chapter. The app can be grabbed for free from here, so don’t hesitate to access the download link if you’d like to give it a try!

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