How to Use DU Caller: Caller ID and Recorder

The best Android caller ID apps are ideal for finding out just who that anonymous number flashing on your device might belong to. Even if you claim that you might guess, the truth is that there is no need to play guessing games. These apps are ideal and show you exactly who’s trying to communicate with you or how is trying to annoy you.
Today I want to tell you more about how to Use DU Caller: Caller ID and Recorder which is perfect for this very purpose.

This special app can help you identify unknown numbers and block unwanted calls if you are not in a mood of giving the unknown callers at least a chance. With the world’s largest phone number database, DU Caller is the solution to avoid phone phishing, harassing phone calls, insurance advertisements, fraud calls, IRS scams, illegal gambling promotions, loan offers, surveys, customer service calls & more!

All its features are the best proof for that:

Caller ID
This smart feature of DU Caller gives you the chance to identify any number across the globe and gives you details like name, operator, type of caller and the address of the caller. Another feature of DU Caller is that it automatically gives a warning about spam callers by immediately identifying their name in red color.

Call Recorder
Use the call recording feature as it clearly records each and every cellular conversation you do.

Call Blocker
The call blocker feature of this app is one of the best call blockers as it can instantly end calls from the number on the blacklist. If you want to block any number, all you have to do is to add it to the blacklist and call blocker will solve the problem in no time.

Private Contacts
Do you want to hide a call from DU Caller? Just add the number to “Private Contacts” and the magic will take place as long as the number will disappear from your call history right away.

Smart Dialer
Smart Dialer can perform fast T9 search in your call history, replace your stock dialer and contacts app to give you a smooth experience. Don’t worry. And I can assure you of the fact that it won’t replace your stock dialer and contacts apps without having your permission.

DU Caller: CallerID & Recorder can be taken from here.

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