Connect all the empty dots in Find A Way

You can normally find hundreds and hundreds of Puzzle apps on Google Play, but don’t you imagine that all of them are as intriguing and challenging as they claim. You basically have to spend some time to give them a try and eliminate the ones that are not for you, but are you willing to do that?

Sometimes, it is better to let others help you find what you are really looking for and you know me: this is why I am here for, so today I want to tell you more about the game known as Find A Way and what makes it stand out among all the other games out there.

Find A Way makes me think of the popular Dots color matching game that I am sure that everyone knows about. However, not everything is similar and I also love the new approach.

To be more precise, in Find A Way, you are given a starting point in the form of a colored dot, and from there you must draw a continuous path that connects all the empty dots. Do you have the impression that this is easy? Not quite so. You will get why I am saying that right away.

Well, the problem is that there’s a major obstacle – you cannot go through the squares. Since dots don’t play well with the squares, your only chance is to find an alternate path.

As of now, Find A Way has no less than 640 levels, but more are on the way, as the developers themselves claim. And I must admit that I also like it so much thanks to that relaxing music that lets you take a break and the minimal design is also a bless! Don’t tell me that you haven notice how great it looks and how intuitive it can be!

Find A Way waits for you here, so don’t waste any more time! And if you truly like it, join this game’s Twitter family and be the first to know about all new game levels and announcements.