Download Android O Stock Wallpaper

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I know that these days are all about the upcoming Android O! It’s enough to say that Android O is full of surprises with its new features and improvements. Most of them are neat under-the-hood changes that will make your Android device run smoother and last longer, but there are also major aesthetic changes such as that beautifully revamped settings menu and a cool User Interface that you cannot resist. And let’s not forget that Google also crafted a new stock wallpaper with this release!

Yes, the Android O Developer preview also comes with a stunning stock wallpaper and you know me! I never keep things for myself, therefore I thought of sharing the Android O Stock Wallpaper with you guys! This wallpapers is available for download now, so get a taste of what Android O feels like!

I have to warn you right from the start about the fact that there’s only one new wallpaper in the Android O preview, but you know how things happen in such situations. More wallpapers will most probably be added as more developer previews are released. Therefore, it’s a matter of time and patience and even if you are in a hurry, enjoy what you have for the moment.

I don’t know about you, but I really like this wallpaper. After all, this is a great looking image of Earth taken from Space with Blue Sky. Being in 2880 × 2560 pixels format, you have the certitude that it looks ultra crisp and beautiful on any Android phone. And there is nothing more than a 1.7MB image, so I bet that the limited space is no problem either!

I can only add that I have already loaded it up on my phone and you should do that too:

Download Android O Stock Wallpaper:

  1. To download the full wallpaper, access this direct download link to grab the .zip file;
  2. Locate the wallpaper through Gallery;
  3. From the available options, just choose Set as wallpaper;
  4. Now, you are free to enjoy it as long as you want.

We will update the post as soon as new Android O wallpapers will come out. Therefore, stay tuned for more Android O Stock Wallpapers in QHD quality!

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