Pick your Galaxy S8 App Drawer Preference

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest flagship device released by the popular South Korean manufacturer, and as it’s only a few months old, so you’re probably still about to discover plenty of interesting things about it. I am always here to give you the best tips and tricks for your new Galaxy S8 and today it’s time to talk about how to pick your Galaxy S8 App Drawer Preference.

Why should you to that? Well, I know that Android owners will feel more comfortable than ever me with Samsung’s app drawer. As you are used to, this hides and organizes all your installed apps and keeps your homescreens free for widgets.

It is up to you how you to choose to open it. Take advantage of the drawer icon in the bottom row of homescreen icons, or with a simple swipe up or down anywhere onscreen.

You can find both these options in Display -> Home Screen. What you must do is to tap on Apps Button and choose the one that best suits you.

However, I totally get your confusion as a previous Apple user. Switching from iPhone to Android can be a real pain. In such conditions, let me help you get set up quickly and easily and make your experience more pleasant!

There are pretty big chances not to even want an app drawer at all, so don’t hesitate to make a few changes. Enter into Display -> Home Screen and tap Home Screen Layout. Now you are free to ditch the drawer altogether for multiple home screens filled with apps, in the order you choose.

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