Rumor: Galaxy S5 Release Date Scheduled for April 2014

Many rumors have surrounded Samsung’s future flagship. The Galaxy S5 was supposed to see the light of the day at the beginning of 2013, more precisely in the first quarter of the year. However, the latest rumors suggest the fact that the handset will not be unveiled until late April 2014. The news comes from the Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin who is confident about the release date for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now, since there are only rumors, you should not take them for granted. As some of you might recall, the Russian blogger has failed to predict the release dates for various products so far, and we all hope that he will be wrong even this time. With the previous news about the release of S5 scheduled for the beginning of the year, people were already anxious, but now, when the release date is moved even further, I am sure that various sources will state otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy S5 released in April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 released in April 2014

In what concerns Samsung’s affairs, apparently, the company did not succeed with its current flagship, namely the Samsung Galaxy S4 that recorded poor and disappointing sales. Critics blame the large price and large screen for this worldwide device sale failure.

However, the company plans tot change this thing along with the release of S5 handset. The device is supposed to feature the alleged curved display, which will measure up to 5-inch and more. In the same time, the screen is supposed to feature 2K pixels. On the hardware part, S5 will be powered by an Exynos CPU processor, and it will sport a 16 MP camera, one of the most improved cameras so far.

Returning to Murtazin, the blogger has confirmed the fact that Samsung is also planning a higher-end line of devices currently known as Project F. in the same time, he hints that the Galaxy Note 4 could be launched earlier than its predecessors have. Murtazin does not mention any other thing related to the 2.5 GHz Qualcomm process and WQHD (2560 x 1440) display that the Galaxy S5 is supposed to own. However, it is up to you to believe these rumors or not. After all, there is plenty of time until late April 2014, and I am sure that plenty other rumors and news will appear by that time.