Save Some Money on your Monthly Phone Bill with Onavo Count

If you’re worried about busting through your monthly cellular data limit with your Android phone, I know how it feels. Certain data-hogging apps such as Netflix, Spotify, Instagram and not only must be kept in line and I know that such a thing is hard to do. Don’t you also want to take control of your mobile data usage and save some money on your monthly phone bill?

Accepting a problem has never been an easy thing to do, yet the truth is that an app which keeps tabs on mobile plans and how much each app is using is welcomed and you have nothing to fear of. In fact, Onavo Count could be your chance to avoid racking up overage charges, so take a closer look at what this app could do for you.

Onavo Count is designed to help you get more from your data plan and secure your personal info all the time. To be more precise, Onavo Count shows you how much data you’re using, and shows you how much data each of your apps uses individually, also adding an extra layer of security and data encryption and helping you secure your personal information for those times when you’re on public Wi-Fi.

The app also provides alerts when apps are using lots of data, it can block apps from using data in the background or even limit apps to Wi-Fi only. Those comprehensive graphs and reports will convince you if there’s something wrong in your habits or what change has to be made in order to get the most from your phone!

Onavo Count is available on this Google Play link right now.

Also note that there is a version called Onavo Extend which takes things to a new level. The tool that I am telling you about uses Onavo’s local and remote proxies to streamline and compress the amount of data the apps on your Android phone, so it might be a fun try for some of you.