ASUS Padfone Mini Phone And Tablet Listed At $400

The rumors from the beginning of December, when ASUS seemed to prepare something for the market, become reality. In a recent event in Taiwan, ASUS released Padfone Mini model, a product that combines the power and efficiency of a smartphone with the screen of a modern tablet. Without copying Xperia Z Ultra phablet, ASUS made a Padfone resembling more with a tablet with a smartphone inside. The resized 10.1-inches touchscreen to 7-inches, 5-inches to 4.3-inches phone are two details that say lots about the ASUS future devices – they want you to think that a 7-inch device is what you need.

Among the features of the Padfone, the five member of ASUS family, here are the Padfone specs: quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1.4GHz frequency, the 1GB of RAM and the fresh Android 4.3 OS. Those who love photos are not forgotten: a 8MP camera with a 2-megapixel lens above the screen above the screen and 16GB of expandable storage ( 64GB MicroSD) are sufficient for a perfect holyday. And because you maybe travel a lot, the 1.500mAh battery and the boost of the 2.200mAh power from the docked tablet will gain you a carefree road.

ASUS Padfone Mini was just released

ASUS Padfone Mini was just released

One black ball is that the tablet depends on phone in order to work properly and a 1280 x 800 resolution. This is compensate by the one data plan for the devices and the radio modem 3G with Dual SIM Dual Strand-By support. Other problems are about the pad, which is not comfortable to use in landscape, the combo, that is thick and heavy in comparison with 7″ tablets and the imposibillity to compete in cost or specs against combination of Moto G and 7″ $150 7″ tablets.

ASUS device’s fans can buy a Padfone Mini from Taiwan market, for $400, the devices being available in black, white and “cherry milk” flavor. The Padfone Mini will also launch in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Russia. Next move for ASUS will enter US market in the near feature, but after the ASUS team finishes a product for a “big operator” in the US.