Nokia Normandy Android Smartphone First Time Spotted

This is actually the first time to hear that a handset from Nokia would receive an Android operating system, since the guys from Microsoft are still waiting for the approval from shareholders to fully take over the Nokia`s Company. Until then, the Finnish phone company might be playing around and experimenting a device that would be operating on Android – Nokia Normandy Android Smartphone. The codename “Normandy” apparently, is just one of the testing names, since the device is still in a developing phase. The smartphone is due for 2014, though we will never be sure until then, if the device will be launched or not, even if the words say that the phone is at its “full steam ahead”.

Apparently, the device would not be launched as a direct competitor for the great smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. It would be more the equivalent of its fellow Asha phones, only aiming at low budget-oriented Android customers.

A hint that Nokia is preparing an Android launch with the Normandy, is the fact that the phone runs Android applications, as Nokia was seen on Amazon with its plans concerning Android.

Our source states that, according to The Verge, the image above with a Nokia phone was first leaked from @evleaks, mentioning that it is not sure what the device is – a genuine Asha or a Lumia – and named it Nokia Normandy.

Nokia Normandy Android Smartphone First Time Spotted

Nokia Normandy Android Smartphone First Time Spotted

Since it is a leaked photo, the smartphone publication also mentions that the so called Nokia Normandy has no capacitive buttons for navigation, though the picture indicates the presence of a single button at the present.

As it is only a rumor for now, don’t dream of the first forthcoming Nokia Android yet. Perhaps the scope of this device is just to get Microsoft buy the Finnish Corporation before the company decides making Android devices that would compete with the grand ones from the market. We will keep you posted on following news.

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