Best Free Android Games Of 2013

Do you enjoy playing games? Don’t worry, we are not here to judge, but in fact, we think that it must be something for each of us that can make us feel relaxed. You are aware of the fact that this is probably the closest that you’ll ever get to a race or to a battle field, having the power to defeat even the most terrifying enemies, the possibility so start all over and to take the best decision the next time. We are not necessarily talking about the most powerful laptops which are capable to offer us a blazing performance and a great cooling system; not everyone wants or affords buying such sort of machines. Why not using your Android phone or tablet for that? They can also be an alternative for your continuous thirst for adrenaline or simply a way for having some fun especially now that not only casual, but also hardcore games have found an ideal home on this platform.

Now, at the end of 2013 we want to draw the line and see what The Best Free Android Games Of 2013 are; and we can assure you that there are some professional free Android Games worthy of your attention:

Best Free Android Games Of 2013

Best Free Android Games Of 2013

5. Frozen Bubble

If you are a fan of bubble buster-like games, then Frozen Bubble might be your thing. You have to do a cluster of at least three bubbles to make them burst and things are very easy: juts aim and shoot the ball until you’ll manage to clear all the bubbles to level up. This free Android Game is all about fun and relaxing and not complexity. We are saying that as long as it has a single game mode: you just have to complete the levels by clearing the screen and that’s your only mission.
But what we like so much about it is that it gives you the possibility to download a level editor which lets you design and even share your own creations. And if you have already played it, then you know about its interesting colorblind mode which draws a specific shape within the bubble for each color, being ideal for those who aren’t that good at distinguishing between them. But we won’t deny that there is nothing impressive abut its graphics or that the screentouch lacks the accuracy that some of you might be dreaming of.

4. Gem Miner

Have you ever dreamed about digging a mine and finding fortune? Join the club, but only if things would be that easy in reality. Gem Miner is an Android Game where you have to sell some of your discoveries to buy improved mining gear, as well as upgrades in order to dig even deeper down the mine. You never know what it could happen: you can win a medal for your bravery and ambition, you can end up being crushed by rock falls or maybe you’ll find a treasure! Gem Miner plays incredibly well on Android’s limited button array and has good graphics too, so it totally deserves this fourth place in our top.

3. Combat Monsters

When we have first heard about this Android game developed by Rubicon Development, we must be honest and admit that we thought that it was trying to gain some fame only basing on this BAFTA-nominated studio behind the popular Great Big War Game. But after actually trying this strategy game, we have changed our opinion. If you are a fan of fantasy characters, strategy skills for defeating your enemies or playing against your friends, then you should give it a try and we are pretty sure that you’ll be surprised to discover what Combat Monsters has to offer.

2. Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign

Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign is an Android puzzle game developed by D3Publisher which allows you to create teams with popular characters such as Iron Man, Thor, or Venom and to lead them against your enemies. This game comes with impressively realistic visuals and it is one of the highest quality games that you can find out there for free, but is still didn’t succeeded to defeat our winner.

1. Angry Birds

The Android version of Angry Birds is totally free, unlike the Apple release and successfully manages to win the first place in our top. You probably know all about this challenging game which looks incredibly polished and modern; if you have never played it, you’ll just be surprised by its unique experience. There is no surprise that this OS game earned around two million downloads only during its first weekend of availability on Android and its popularity continues.

This year offered us puzzle, action, strategy games and more with intense environments, new weapons, powerful enemies and most important of all, the power to defeat them. Here we have chosen some of the most exciting games Free Android Games Of 2013, but let us know if you have any other suggestion in the comments below.