Rose Galaxy Note 3 to Be Launched On Verizon Network

Samsung Galaxy line-up might consider a huge success to state a general conclusion, especially after the launch of Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Now, another rumors concern the American network Verizon, which is planning to launch some versions of the Note 3, the Rose Gold versions. Verizon`s plans come after Samsung has recently revealed the Rose Gold White and the also the Rose Gold Black versions of the powerful Note 3 in Korea; the versions were followed by the Merlot Red one. It seems that Samsung is on the road again, since it has been on thin ice, due to some heavy investments last year.

Anyway, there is no official statements yet on when exactly the devices might land on Verizon`s plate, but it should be sooner than we might expect, since MWC event is coming with more and more details concerning exclusivity and availability due to other carriers that might get the devices before Verizon.

Rose Galaxy Note 3 to Be Launched under Verizon

Rose Galaxy Note 3 to Be Launched under Verizon

As the source states, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold versions will be first rolled-out in China at the end of January. Since China is giving the “go ahead”, other markets will follow in the future, depending on how things are going on in the Asian territories.

As for the specs related with all Rose Gold versions, we are expecting them to sport the same specs and features as their Godfather Note 3. That would involve a 5.7-inch with 1080p display, powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and also a 13-megapixel camera in the rear.

It all depends on Verizon, the first most important network carrier from the US to lead its launching plans in North America and Europe. Until then, don’t forget to enjoy the other wonderful Samsung handsets on the go.