No Further Android 4.2.2 Updates for the 2012 HTC One X + Flaghship

The news is now official: the HTC One X and One X +, the 2012 flagships will not receive any Android 4.2.2 updates. The info was launched by HTC smartphone manufacturer itself, a decision that has been long criticized on Twitter, and for a good reason. We don’t know exactly what made HTC take this radical decision, especially since the reasonable HTC One X + has been left in the dark for more than 14 months now. To go back a little while, the HTC One X and One X + received Android 4.2 update last year.

The news went on instant criticisms since both HTC One X and HTC One X + were considered very stable phones. With all that, the One X + was only sold in the United States at the late 2012, and there should be enough phones left in the dark to receive the updated Android 4.2.2. Perhaps the company is being cautious in terms of investing in a phone that is not trendy anymore?

No Further Android 4.2.2 Updates for the 2012 HTC One X + Flaghships

No Further Android 4.2.2 Updates for the 2012 HTC One X + Flaghships

And if that wasn’t enough, none of the device will be getting the Android 4.3, the OS version that was in tests even long before the launching of the two devices. To recall a sad memory, the same happened with the HTC Sensation, the smartphone that was to be expected the “sensation” at that time, for which the support was dropped after one single update.

As our source also confirms, it is pretty sad news, especially since HTC is great at receiving updates, especially for the all mighty HTC One. Personally, even if I am a Samsung geek, I take my head-off in front of the One. Why should only the One receive great updates like the newest Android KitKat, with only a month after the releasing of the update for Nexus devices by Google? We will never know exactly!

HTC stated that the company feels sorry about this unfortunate situation, but reminded all HTC fans that the devices will still receive a great camera and some wonderful audio features.