Paranoid Android 4 Beta 3 Released with Dual-Tile Quick Settings, New Boot Animation and More

Perhaps some of you are already aware of the Paranoid Android team, which develops different Android-based custom ROM to install on devices that are not normally updated to the respective firmware. The good news is the fact that the team has just released the Beta 3 version of the KitKat-based Paranoid Android 4 bringing plenty of new features and options.

The new updated trial version offers a plethora of improvements and changes. Among those new features, users will have customizable dual tiles in the quick settings dropdown, “on-the-spot” preferences dialogs, improvements to the immersive mode, as well as other interesting tweaks and bug fixes.


As you can see, the developer’s team is working very hard in order to offer the well-awaited KitKat firmware for most devices available, mostly for those who are not suitable for such as upgrade. The first beta release for AOSPA 4 and namely the Paranoid Android 4.0 was made available on the download servers around Christmas, and the second beta version was released on January 13. Now, the third version of the famous KitKat custom ROM was unveiled on Sunday night, and it gives plenty of changes to its fans.

The new boot animation feature is one of the first change you see when you first install the Paranoid Android KitKat ROM on your device. Combining two submissions from the PA community, the boot animation will greet all users in a unique manner.

As far as the “on-the-spot” preferences dialogs, this feature was designed mostly for the type of settings that are hidden and forgot. The option allows users to set an option right from the related function instead of a menu in the Settings section. Related to this innovative feature, we have the Quick Settings preference. When swiping down from the right part of the dropdown, users will be asked to enable the Quick Settings feature. The On-the-spot dialog will provide users plenty of other amazing features in the future.

In order to bring increased functionality in the Quick Settings menu, developers have decided to introduce dual tiles in Settings, which can actually help the user to reveal more options. As an example for you to better understand this new feature, the Bluetooth tile can be flipped to reveal the option to make the device discoverable. If you ask me, this is more than amazing.

You know how annoying can turn out to be when you enable the Bluetooth feature from the Quick Settings menu, but you still have to visit the Settings menu in order to make your device discoverable. Moreover, users can decide which options to reveal in the dual tiles feature choosing between Location, Bluetooth, Sleep, Data Connection, and even Wi-Fi.

In the same time, the beta version brings changes to the standard dialer. Now, users will see a different dialer look that matches the Google’s own dialer. Moreover, PA 4 Beta 3 allows users to configure the immersive mode so that they can hide the status bar, or the navigation bar or even both, to achieve a cleaner look.

The changelog presents all those changes that the new update is offering as well as the bug fixes that it delivers. For example, the updated Beta 3 version brings a bug fix for graphical glitches on Galaxy Nexus, a bug fix for network tiles for CDMA devices and more. Paranoid Android 4 Beta 3 is available for download for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 6, Nexus 10, and Nexus 5. If you are interested in downloading the update, head over to their official website and start updating your device.