Next-gen YotaPhone To be Revealed at MWC

The first YotaPhone has been released in Europe and Middle East for only two months and we have already heard speculation about a next-generation Android-powered YotaPhone version. Things are still surrounded in mystery, but there is no use to deny its existence either. Yota Devices, the Russia-based company that has created the original YotaPhone has started teasing about their MWC event from next week. So, from their Facebook page, we can find out that we’ll “be blown away” when we’ll see what the company has prepared for us. It is true that there is no mention of this next-gen YotaPhone, but things make perfect sense if we take in consideration another recent report from a Russian site and Russian daily Kommersant that also announced YotaPhone’s 2 preparations for MWC 2014.

Original YotaPhone: Undeniable Success

As a refresher, the company has unveiled its YotaPhone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year and we must admit that it was a real surprise.

Next-gen YotaPhone To be Revealed at MWC

Next-gen YotaPhone To be Revealed at MWC

In case you don’t know, while the 4.3-inch 720p screen with a 1280×720 screen resolution seems to be an ordinary one, things get an unexpected turn if you flip the phone over; a secondary 4.3-inch 360×640 e-paper display is there waiting for you, so there is no surprise that YotaPhone was an undeniable success.

It is said that Yota Devices has sold over 12,000 units, from which 10,000 units in Russia alone, so we bet that we  aren’t the only one curious about its successor.

E-Ink Display with Full Touch Capabilities

Unfortunately, very little is known about the next-gen YotaPhone at the moment. Rumor has it that its E-Ink display on the back is supposed to have full touch capabilities, not to mention that the hardware would be improved, compared to the original YotaPhone that gets its power from a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, as our source confirms.

But we are still waiting for an official confirmation to be sure of any of these aspects, so stay tuned for more!