Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors: Release Date, Price and Specs

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a long way off, but this has not stopped people from discussing and releasing rumors. In this respect, it will not hurt talking a little bit about Samsung’s next flagship. Those of you who tend to follow the trends will definitely find this information valuable.

                                         Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date and Price

Considering the release of the previous two Samsung flagships, we might easily assume that Galaxy S6 will be unveiled somewhere at the beginning of March, and it will hit the public in April. Both S4 and S5 were announced in late February or the beginning of March, and released to the market in April.

I am sure that we will see the Samsung’s next flagship as early as February 2015. It is also possible to see the device announced at CES in Las Vegas, event that will happen in January.

Now, regarding the pricing, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will be making the Galaxy S6 any cheaper than the current smartphone. If Samsung stays on the same track with the price range, we will see Samsung Galaxy S6 hit the register at $599, depending on the internal storage capacity. In the same time, if developers consider adding a metal housing or a 64-bit processor, the price will change substantially.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs and Features

The flagship is expected to come in two different versions and the difference lays in the chipset. Therefore, one will be powered by Snapdragon and the other one by an octa-core Exynos chip, and out of the box, it will run Android 5.0 with a refined version of TouchWiz.

The Qualcomm processor will definitely be the Snapdragon 808, depending on when it will become available. S6 will come with 3GB of RAM, but, there is also the possibility to see an increase, especially considering that the Next Android version will support up to 4 GB of RAM.

Camera will reach up to 20 MB, in order to compete with other devices available on the market. The different from 16 MB to 20 MP is something worth talking about.  The front-facing camera is expected to remain the same.

Smartphones have been continuing to grow in size in 2014, and the difference between smartphones and tablets is not that high now. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to remain at a pocket-friendly 5.3 inches, but it will include a 3840x 2160) Ultra-HD display. Until its announcements, all we have to do is to wait and check other rumors and thoughts regarding Samsung’s next Flagship.

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