MWC 2014: New 5-inch Panasonic Toughpad Version Officially Revealed

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Here we have the 5-inch Panasonic Toughpad which has just been officially revealed at MWC. We can already announce you that this model will be offered to selective European markets in Autumn 2014 and that it isn’t a smartphone, as you might first think after seeing its technical specifications, but actually a phablet, as Panasonic insists to call it, coming as the latest addition to the Panasonic Toughpad range of rugged devices.

Android 4.2.2, Quad-core Processor, Outdoor viewable display and Noise reduction technology

This Panasonic Toughpad model that we have here comes as a phablet for all mobile workers who might be looking for a rugged device that has a generous list of specs and can successfully handle voice and data in the field, as the company claims.

New 5-inch Panasonic Toughpad Version Officially Revealed

New 5-inch Panasonic Toughpad Version Officially Revealed

But unfortunately, Panasonic didn’t mention whether it will be through usual cellular networks or via VoIP. Don’t worry, there are other interesting aspects of this device that can surprise you. What do you say about the fact that it’s going to become available with both Android 4.2.2 and Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 Handheld operating systems? You haven’t seen that coming, have you?

When it comes to its power, Panasonic Toughpad houses a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7GHz coming with no less than 32GB of onboard storage; as for its 6,200mAh battery, it is supposed to come with hot swap and quick charging capabilities in order to let you keep working even while being in the move.

Moreover, even its touchscreen can work if you have gloves and the fact that it is an outdoor viewable display means that you won’t have any problems at this chapter. As for the included Panasonic noise reduction technology, it comes as a guarantee of a clear communication even in those areas with loud background noise.

Designed to face Various Challenges

We have seen that you can easily use Panasonic Toughpad while being on the field, but what about its construction? Is it designed to face the challenges of such an environment? Well, we can only tell you that just as Panasonic Toughpad and Toughbook series, this phablet meets the same rugged standards for extreme temperatures, water, knocks, dust protection or drops, so there isn’t a thing to be worried about.

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