How to Remove your Galaxy S10 Plus Registered Fingerprint

The Galaxy S10 Plus handset sports one of the most advanced fingerprint sensors in a smartphone today. Unlike the previous fingerprint scanners found on other Galaxy models, the S10 Plus fingerprint sensor works by using sound waves being reflected from your skin. Well, this is meant to make it more effective in detecting your finger through grease, water, dust, or when there’s too much light.

This high tech sensor basically takes a 3D image of your finger, detecting the valleys and ridges of your skin to successfully identify it. The way this works is by allowing the sensor to capture electrical signals from your skin when you touch the glass. The unique layout of your skin makes it easy for the sensor to recognize your finger. And to make sure that you enjoy an error-free experience, Samsung has even released an update for the Galaxy S10 lineup, one of the changes being precisely a better fingerprint sensor performance.

Even so, the registered fingerprint doesn’t always work or at least not as it should. Before you proceed deactivating it completely, we want to remind you some simple solutions to your issue. You are always supposed to make sure no case or cover is restricting access to the scanner. Always keep the fingerprint sensor free of dirt or debris and remember that removing the stock screen protector often improves the reader’s performance.

And you may also remove your Galaxy S10 Plus registered fingerprint and give it another shot with the setup procedure. Follow the steps below to do so:

Detailed procedure:

  1. Open the settings menu on your Galaxy S10 Plus phone;
  2. Go to Biometrics and security right away;
  3. Here, you must tap Fingerprints;
  4. Enter your PIN, pattern or password;
  5. Then, tap the registered fingerprint;
  6. Now, just tap the option that says Remove;
  7. To confirm, review the disclaimer and tap Remove.

That’s it. You’ve now removed the fingerprint from your device.

Have you experienced any issue? Let me know how I can help and I can guarantee a quick response.

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